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Thrivism (Thrive!) is a person and people striving to achieve surviving and thriving future.

Thrivism succeeds only if it remains positive, is sustained long-term, and produces thriving for all.

Thrivism’s ultimate aspiration is achievement of thriving future for all - all people, all other creatures, and Earth.

Thrivism is built on the foundational belief that “humans need to survive and desire to thrive.” Meeting this need and desire depends on meeting five conditions:

  • Person and people need to survive and desire to thrive,
  • Person depends on other persons (people) for survival and thriving,
  • Need and desire apply to current and future world,
  • Person’s and people’s future survival and thriving depends on there being a future world, and
  • Future world must be sustained long term to meet human need and desire.
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Thrivism is “lifelong (person) and never-ending (people) striving to survive and thrive in current world and surviving and thriving future world.”[1] To succeed, person and people must:

  • Strive for and achieve higher level of positive motivation and ability (including knowledge).[2] That achievement is the foundation for striving for and achieving even higher levels of ability and motivation and even higher levels of surviving and thriving.
  • Strive continuously and simultaneously with the best combination of independence and interdependence in joint pursuit of surviving and thriving.
  • Stop being selfish and shortsighted. People must care enough about self, everyone, everything else and Earth. People must care enough about today and both near- and long-term future.
  • Strive ona a nonlinear path through complex world toward thriving. As person and people strive and grow, successes should exceed failures and progress exceed regress.

Only then will human need to survive and desire to thrive fully cause all to survive and thrive.

Thrivism as a path, a positive belief system, and a positive way of life for a person and people for today and the future, addresses four key elements: 

  • Our nature, as person and people, is our need to survive and desire to thrive in the current world and a thriving future world. 
  • Our relationship with other persons and the surrounding world is driven and governed by our need to survive and desire to thrive in current world and thriving future world. 
  • Our knowledge of our selves and the world comes from 1) inputs[3] resulting from striving to survive and thrive and 2) the mind processing inputs to achieve greater knowledge. 
  • Our actions are driven by our need to survive and desire to thrive but influenced by 1) other persons and surrounding world and 2) our need and desire for a long term, thriving future.  

[1] The human endeavor is also known as the Thrive! Endeavor.
[2] This striving and increasing ability is evident in human development to date.
[3] “Inputs” include the “senses” (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, pain, balance, motion/acceleration, time, temperature, direction) as well information from and experiences with other persons and surrounding world.

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