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 Gary "Chris" Christopherson  

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This future is Thrive! and is a bold vision and mission. Thrivism is the path.

What your life and your world will be in a thriving future where all survive and thrive forever, to the maximum extent possible.

This future is a better life now and for the near and long term future for all of you and for future generations.

  • For you and your family and friends.

  • For you and your community.

  • For you and your country.

  • For you and all people, all other creatures and Earth.

For all that you and we care about, it is much better life and future with less vulnerability, and with surviving and sustained thriving.

Thriving Earth - west         Thriving Earth - east

Thrive!, a thriving future, is different and arguably better than anything tried or achieved in human history.

  • Not just getting by or achieving a surviving future. A surviving future is necessary but not sufficient.

  • It is this future for all people and all future generations, a "50+ generation" strategy. Not just for some people or just for the current and next generation.

  • It is this future forever, a 1000+ year strategy. Not just for today or just 100 years.

  • It is also for all creatures and Earth on which we live and depend. Not just for people.  

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Thrive! - All Thrive Forever