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Gary "Chris" Christopherson
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About Chris, Founder of Thrivism & Thrive!

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Chris (Gary (Chris) Christopherson) works on building thriving future, improving health, and reducing vulnerability.

Thrivism is latest effort to build that thriving future. 

At The Thrive! Center that Chris founded, develops strategy and policy for creating and managing large positive change and building a thriving future for all (Thrive!).


Chris wrote several nonfiction books, including Thrive! - Building a Thriving Future and Thrive! [Thrivism] – Path to Thriving Future for All. Available @ or

Thrive! and Thrivism draw on Chris' 30+ years’ experience creating, managing and sustaining large positive change at national and local levels in public and private sectors. Founded HealthePeople (building healthy and thriving future;, Thrive Endeavor (creating large positive change) and Vulnerable (minimizing vulnerability).

Chris served as senior leader, manager and policymaker responsible for multi-billion dollar policy, programs and budgets and thousands of employees at the national and local levels.

Is a sculptor of abstract art, over 150 mobile and stabile sculptures.

Wrote several science fiction books and illustrated children’s books. or